Project+, Let’s make it FIT

HSV’s Project+, Let’s make it FIT essentially means engineering added value for our clients. With Project+, HSV successfully integrates large-scale plastic sections with particle foam components

Project+ at HSV

Project+ at HSV means engineering added value for our customers. We achieve this through seamless integration of plastic injection-moulding technology (HSV Technical Moulded Parts nv) and particle foam technology (HSV Packaging & Insulation nv).

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Project+ approach

The Project+ approach at HSV means that we will partner with you to identify the most efficient solution for your product. Injection-moulded sections and particle foam components are seamlessly integrated. Smart innovation and streamlining through in-line assembly and highly effective logistics play a key role here.

Besides saving time, the Project+ approach offers more advantages, including:

  • Shorter time to market
  • The minimum in components
  • Lower weight
  • Lower costs
  • More effective and efficient logistics
  • Lower purchasing risks
  • Sustainable product realisation

Would you like to optimise your product? Or do you have a question? The Project+ engineers at HSV are ready to help you.

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Unique in Europe: designs based on injection-moulded plastic components

The method used to design injection-moulded plastic sections that are integrated with plastic foam components is unique in Europe. The reason is simple: there are hardly any companies that have access to in-house expertise in both techniques.

In theory, the hybrid method could also be used by partnering with two different companies, but that process is much more complex in actual practice. For example, issues could arise due to misaligned tolerances between the injection-moulded sections and the particle foam components.

Even when both companies manage to maintain the required tolerances, it remains difficult to make components that seamlessly integrate the injection-moulded sections and the expanded particle foam components.

That’s why we say here at HSV: Let’s make it FIT. The Project+ engineers at HSV deploy their expertise about plastics and technologies. This approach allows us to work closely with you to achieve the most optimal realisation for your plastic product, or redesign your product from metal to plastic.

Results of the Project+ approach include:

  • Components integrate seamlessly
  • The minimum in components, thanks to in-line assembly
  • Efficient and effective logistics and
  • Lower purchasing risks

Do you have a design question? Or would you like to achieve savings or accelerate time to market for your product? Ask one of the Project+ engineers directly.

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Project+ at HSV | functional composites assembled from plastic components

With Project+ at HSV, functional composites are assembled from separate plastic components. HSV has the know-how and technical expertise to achieve successful integration of injection-moulded sections and particle foam components, according to desired specifications.

According to our vision, the main focus is not the tolerances of the individual sections, but rather how those sections can be combined into a functional composite. That key question is resolved in close consultation. It is a completely different approach.

Project+ is suitable for optimising your product design or for redesigning your product from metal to plastic.

Would you like to optimise your product design now? The Project+ engineers at HSV are ready to help you.

Project+ at HSV gives you one point of contact

The power of Project+? At HSV, you have one single point of contact. With our cocreative engineering capacity, we see the bigger picture and work in partnership with you to develop a comprehensive solution.

This is made possible by over 100 years of engineering expertise sitting down at the same table: the Project+ engineers at HSV. They contribute their knowledge to achieving optimal integration of two technologies – injection moulding and particle foam moulding – to realise your plastic product.

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ThinkTank workshop

Do you have a design question? Or would you like to optimise your products and achieve savings? Call +31 318 648 999 to talk to one of our people, or book a ThinkTank workshop at your location.

The workshop has been developed especially for: technical directors, engineers, product designers and purchasing managers. Our ThinkTank workshop gives you a chance to discuss your latest product design questions and learn more about plastic technologies.

You will gain fresh insight into the world of Project+ and moulded plastics, and what this can mean for the development and production of technical components and products. If you schedule a workshop, the ThinkTank will drive to your location. You won’t even have to travel to get there – so efficient!

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Would you like to know more?

Would you like to know more about Project+ and what HSV can mean for your plastic product or redesign from metal to plastic? Contact the Project+ engineers at HSV. They are at your disposal to offer advice about potential savings and smart solutions for your product.

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Project+®, Let’s make it FIT is an initiative of and joint effort by HSV Technical Moulded Parts nv & HSV Packaging & Insulation nv.