HSV ThinkTank on tour with Project+

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The HSV ThinkTank is on tour with Project+, Let’s make it FIT.

In the ThinkTank, HSV gives on-site workshops. The workshop has been developed especially for: technical directors, engineers, product designers and purchasing managers. Our ThinkTank workshop gives you a chance to discuss your latest product design questions and learn more about plastic technologies.

You will gain fresh insight into the world of Project+ and moulded plastics, and what this can mean for the development and production of technical components and products. If you schedule a workshop, the ThinkTank will drive to your location. You won’t even have to travel to get there – so efficient!

Project+, lets’ make it fit

Project+, Let’s make it FIT is an initiative of the particle foam engineers at HSV and HSV Technical Moulded Parts. Project+ pools and deploys shared knowledge and years of experience in injection-moulding technology and particle foam technology to optimise your product design or redesign from metal to plastic.

The Project+ approach at HSV, in partnership

The Project+ approach at HSV means that we will partner with you to identify the most efficient solution for your product, seamlessly integrating injection-moulded components and particle foam components. Smart innovation and streamlining through in-line assembly and highly effective logistics are key. Besides time savings, this also results in more advantages, such as minimal components, weight reduction, lower costs, efficient logistics and mitigated procurement risks.

ThinkTank on tour, since the introduction of Project+

Since the introduction of Project+, the HSV ThinkTank has been on tour.
Many companies have made use of this interactive on-site workshop.

From plastic injection-moulding technology to particle foam technology and the seamless integration of both techniques (Project+), the engineers at HSV possess a wealth of valuable information that they are happy to share with you.

The workshops are inspiring and give you practical information that you can benefit from immediately. This includes technical design criteria to keep in mind in your design, including tolerances and component releasing. The workshop also covers available materials, additives, assembly techniques and logistical solutions that support optimal realisation of your product design, also for large-scale products, shaped components and housings.

The information you receive is tailored to the latest design issues and helps engineers and product designers to implement smart product innovations and redesigns of existing products, achieving savings.

ThinkTank Workshop Project+

Some reactions from our workshop participants

‘The Project+ concept combined with very interesting materials has given us unprecedented opportunities for practical application. It’s great that a manufacturer can integrate both technologies seamlessly.’

Project+, a smart way to combine various plastics and thus optimise investments’

‘Project+ broadens our opportunities for practical application’

‘Such a unique way to share information about the combination of particle foams and injection moulding technology in a practical way with appealing sample products, at our own location’

‘A unique way to efficiently keep our engineers and designers up to date on the combined, technical capabilities that HSV has available in-house’

Project+ at HSV holds potential for wide-ranging sectors

Technical directors, engineers and purchasers from companies from wide-ranging sectors (automotive, HVAC, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, agribusiness & horticulture, vertical farming, urban mobility, furniture and aerospace industry etc.) preceded you in our ThinkTank:

Product designers and engineers with concrete questions about possible solutions and concepts that can be realised with the use of Project+, particle foams and injection-moulded components have joined us before.

Our ThinkTank crew has been bombarded by a barrage of questions and answered them all to the participants’ satisfaction. Within a short time, the entire ThinkTank is littered with examples and inspiring applications. Experience shows that time flies, and in some cases the workshop proves too short to discuss everything. Of course that means we’ll come back again later!

Workshop participants often note that the properties of various plastics, as well as the integration of both techniques, are invaluable to designers. To mention a few examples: plastic can be shaped into almost any form at all, shaped components are lightweight, and particle foams possess excellent thermal properties.

The fact that HSV produces these mouldings sustainably, using sustainable steam and green electricity, is an added bonus. The CO2 footprint is reduced as a result, which in turn is better for the environment.

The added value of Project+

With Project+, HSV provides significant added value in the creation of beautiful, sustainable product innovations by our customers. Project+ helps achieve various savings, more effective and efficient logistics, reduced purchasing risks, lower costs and more lightweight solutions. In addition, Project+ significantly reduces time to market.

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