HSV, for over 50 years your partner for the development, production and assembly of leading and durable moulded plastic products.

HSV Technical Moulded parts

Our team helps you to realize large plastic injection moulded products.

HSV Technical Moulded Parts

HSV Packaging and Insulation

Our team guides you through the realization of products made from particle foams.

HSV Packaging & Insulation

We are HSV

HSV Group consists of two independent companies; HSV Moulded Foams Group SA (MFG) and HSV Technical Moulded Parts (TMP) with operating companies in the Netherlands, Germany and Poland.

Production and service troughout Europe

We produce mould-shaped products and are leading in expandable plastics processing and shaped components and/or housings made from injection mould plastics.

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Plastic injection moulding

Are you interested in commissioning large components, housings or other parts made from injection mould plastics? Are you looking for a partner with hands-on experience to help you develop your plastic product? Our team is ready to assist you. With our passion for plastics, we use our knowledge and experience to make your product ideas come to life.

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Project+, Let’s make it FIT

Integrating two technologies: the key to success. HSV has the in-house expertise and production capacity to assist you. Combining functions is even easier, and in-line assembly limits the number of components to a minimum. Discover your advantages!

The advantages of Project+
Particle foam engineering

Particle foam engineering

Seeking durable, sustainable innovation for your product, while saving on energy, time and costs? Discover the hidden invention by HSV and our expandable plastics: EPP, EPS, EPE, ETPU. Providing over 50 years of experience, our engineers and technicians have the expertise you need for the development and realisation of your customised product!

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Our clients

Our customers include well-known multinationals in the home appliances, electronics, automotive and equipment industries, as well as numerous medium-sized companies who rely on us for a custom-made product.

Our clients tell us that we are flexible and that we know our business – our world revolves around you!

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The sustainable answer from HSV

The well-being of people, nature and the environment is key at HSV. From that perspective, our company researches, develops and implements various sustainability initiatives. These efforts range from sustainable energy to waste prevention, but also recycling and reusing our plastics.

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